Hi out there and thanks a billion for choosing to visit my blog! You could’ve stopped anywhere in the world wide web, and you chose to land here!

So uhhh…I guess this is where I tell you a little bit about myself, right? Okay…well, I’m sure I can mention that my favorite color is turquoise, I clean best while listening to music, I’m a Scorpio (rrrrr…!), I’m obsessed with HGTV, I flip-flop between a vegetarian and carnivorous lifestyle like every other week (I’m currently exploring the raw food diet), and from the ages of 6-8, I had an immense sticker collection. I’m sure I can tell you all of that, and tons of other juicy stuff, but when researching ways to have a kick-ass blog, making the “about” section “about you” (me the blogger) was highly frowned upon. Sooo…because I want to have the most happening blog in town, I WILL NOT make that mistake! 🙂

Overall…my blog…Kaptivating Kam…(if you landed here by accident, feel free to stick around ;-)) are my musings on motherhood. They are what I’ve learned from being a mother of an eight-year old and what I’m still learning. This blog will touch upon a myriad of parenting related topics, including how I’ve managed to survive this long! I’m no expert (but is anyone ever really?) but I am a mom who loves her daughter beyond words and who will do anything to ensure she gets the most out of life.

So all in all, I aspire to create a forum for parents to discuss our triumphs and pitfalls, all that we have learned along the way, and our greatest joys: our kids! No matter how many degrees I get (I’m currently working on my Masters…and only the sky is the limit from there) how many times I’ve paid it forward, or how often I’ve tried to make Mama Earth proud (I once air-dried an entire load of laundry…do you know how long that took?!) my greatest accomplishment will always be my daughter Kamryn (reaches for a Kleenex).

So read, comment, and invite others to get in on the discussion. I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you!



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